I Believe

i believe

I believe in serenity,
How calm and peaceful it is!
I believe in the simplicity of the surroundings.
The effect that it leaves on others who are near to it.

Deep in the woods I observed how life can be simple if we don’t try to make it complicated.
Things aren’t difficult to achieve they all seems to be different. A little effort with sincerity can makes things possible.

We as human beings, have the tendency to put our bad side on others. We all give the control of our emotions to them.
So that we can justify our own wrong doings.
Is it so?

We should focus and shout at our own stuffs. Perhaps, this might make it calm and flee instead of letting ourself get into those hands which is actually of no use.

To be real, to be kind and to be sincere will eventually make you SIMPLE!




How hard it is
to open the eyes
in the morning.

The sunbeam
crossing the window
and the little dust rolls
that flow with the light.

Ah, its tough
Yes, to drag myself from
the calmness of the bed,
One that knows and holds
all my deepest secrets, tears
and sobbing throughout the night.

Lying down
with one hand on the eyes
And reminded of the goals that compelled me to jump out the bed.

It’s important to push yourself in order to meet the goal which you have set in your life!

Digital Marketing- an effective way to gather leads for Business


We all know that business lies nowhere without marketing. Although marketing is little tough but it is not impossible. Once we step out in the crowd then we realize where we stand. The competition is so fierce that it becomes difficult at times to draw in new customers. But again, I would like to say that business without marketing is just like running a motorbike without fuel.
In earlier times, when the internet was not in any scene people had to go for the traditional way of marketing which included radio, television, magazines, newspapers ads which proved to be time-taking and required a high cost. But with Internet Marketing which in a broader term is known as Digital Marketing can help you to draw new customers as well as visitors to your business.
The basic advantage you will get by Digital Marketing is that you can easily track the number of people who have visited your website by a properly structured marketing campaign which was not possible in the traditional way of marketing.
Okay, now the question is how can you use Digital Marketing to get customers who are ready to take your services also what are the elements of Digital Marketing? Let’s have a look at the following elements of Digital Marketing:



Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a key to drive traffic-
The name itself tells us that it is related to the customer looking for his need on the search engine. Without SEO, businesses may find it difficult to get ranked on search engines like Google for the keywords that they associate with their products or services. It is very crucial to get on the very first page of Google as it helps your business to earn more profit.
A SEO Company can help you perform the following tasks:
1. Analyze your competitors
2. Increases organic traffic
3. Removes Duplicate Content
4. Identify the keywords you want to rank for
5. Submit your site to search engines
6. And much more……

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
PPC is another way of bringing new visitors to your business. The name denotes that it requires you to pay each time someone clicks on that ad. It appears along with search results on Google and induces people to click on those ads so that it can give them the result of what they are looking for.
Mentioned below are the few benefits of PPC:

  1. Additional Traffic can be sent to your website
  2.  The result of PPC is quick
  3. It is easy to manage cost, track conversions and determine your Return on Investment (ROI)
  4. It brings Qualified leads to your business
  5. Increases the Brand Recognition


Get Known on Social Media-

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, are great methods for growing your business with Social Media Marketing. For that, you just have to create your official business page on different social media channels where you can do regular postings and get your post boosted to hit the targeting audience.

  1. Better customer satisfaction
  2. Improved Brand Loyalty
  3. Highly Cost-Effective

Creative Content Marketing-
Content plays an important role in attracting your desired audience to your website. All the more, Interactive Content must be focused so as to directly convey your message to the people to whom you are looking forward. Customers love original content and a solid content marketing strategy can help you grow your business online in leaps and bounds.

  1. Long-Lasting Relationship with your audience
  2. Creates Trust & Loyalty
  3. Higher Visibility rates
  4. Cost-Effective



• Link Building-
With the help of Backlinks, your customers may find your business. Backlinks are basically those links which interconnects different web pages. Links to your business website help indicate how well you should rank in search engine for specific keywords.


With the coming of modern technologies, SMBs are doing everything they can to keep up the brand recognition. A good business requires trust of the customers and without the trust and confidence of the customer, a company will not survive. So, make your business digitalized in this digital era so as to gain your customer’s attention.