There lies beauty within us the smile is one such that has the power to change anything,


Everyone has their own qualities that we might not find in others at the same time or in ourselves too.


They have the strength to get up and walk again in the same direction after a huge downfall without losing hope.


No matter how different we are but there is one thing that connects our souls and binds us beautifully which is called Love!


Different people are structured differently and so for that concern the heart and the mind is different too.


What I have observed is that we all are different yet we are one in someway or the other!





How hard it is
to open the eyes
in the morning.

The sunbeam
crossing the window
and the little dust rolls
that flow with the light.

Ah, its tough
Yes, to drag myself from
the calmness of the bed,
One that knows and holds
all my deepest secrets, tears
and sobbing throughout the night.

Lying down
with one hand on the eyes
And reminded of the goals that compelled me to jump out the bed.

It’s important to push yourself in order to meet the goal which you have set in your life!

Hacks that can make Project Management Easier.

Human resources and self-development. Modern business

There are so many strategies associated behind the accomplishment of one single Project which includes Goals, Deadlines, Revised Work and Feedback. To complete a given task we first design strategies and take care of every detail that allows us to achieve our desired goal.

In today’s world every employers look for candidates who are loyal, can work diligently and prioritize their work.

So here are some Project Management Hacks for the employees by which they can easily keep track of what’s going around and can get desired outcome.

  • Focus: The first and the foremost thing before starting the project is to be focused on what you are going to start. Do not get distracted.


  • Prioritize: When you prioritize things, then all your work management becomes easier. It also helps you to figure out the total time you need to allocate on your project.


  • Create to-do-list: To-do-list helps you to mark your urgent work at the top most priorities. Once you have a list of the things set priorities and decide which task should be done first.


  • Avoid and Manage Interruptions: Some people find it hard to say “No” which leads them to a heavy work load and end up having too many commitments which can lead to poor performance and work stress. You need to learn and manage workplace interruptions.


  • Use digital modes: The good thing about living in a digital age is that we have numerous apps and software to help us along the way. Find a suitable tracking app which would help you to manage all your important tasks.


  • Take Breaks: Never try to work in one long stretch. It can make you more tiring and exhausted. Make sure that you don’t forget to take breaks in between and relax.


  • Avoid Procrastination: At some point of time we all do it. No matter how big or tough your project is, don’t keep on delaying it. If it becomes difficult to handle, then try to break your work into sections. By doing this you will be able to give time to your work on a regular basis and tackle it one at a time.



Managing the project is a tough job but when it is done efficiently and effectively  then it could give you great outcome with success.