How hard it is
to open the eyes
in the morning.

The sunbeam
crossing the window
and the little dust rolls
that flow with the light.

Ah, its tough
Yes, to drag myself from
the calmness of the bed,
One that knows and holds
all my deepest secrets, tears
and sobbing throughout the night.

Lying down
with one hand on the eyes
And reminded of the goals that compelled me to jump out the bed.

It’s important to push yourself in order to meet the goal which you have set in your life!


And I Raised My Thoughts.


Happened not so long ago

When I found myself seated alone,

Lost in my own pile of thoughts,

Discovering the loud echo.

Staring blankly out of nowhere,

Where thoughts are sweeter.

From mind to heart and

From heart to pen and paper.

Scribbling the paper with my imagination,

Letting my thoughts turn into words.

Painting the reality.

With a little pinch of fantasy,

Keeping it Raw

And keeping it Real.