I Believe

i believe

I believe in serenity,
How calm and peaceful it is!
I believe in the simplicity of the surroundings.
The effect that it leaves on others who are near to it.

Deep in the woods I observed how life can be simple if we don’t try to make it complicated.
Things aren’t difficult to achieve they all seems to be different. A little effort with sincerity can makes things possible.

We as human beings, have the tendency to put our bad side on others. We all give the control of our emotions to them.
So that we can justify our own wrong doings.
Is it so?

We should focus and shout at our own stuffs. Perhaps, this might make it calm and flee instead of letting ourself get into those hands which is actually of no use.

To be real, to be kind and to be sincere will eventually make you SIMPLE!



There lies beauty within us the smile is one such that has the power to change anything,


Everyone has their own qualities that we might not find in others at the same time or in ourselves too.


They have the strength to get up and walk again in the same direction after a huge downfall without losing hope.


No matter how different we are but there is one thing that connects our souls and binds us beautifully which is called Love!


Different people are structured differently and so for that concern the heart and the mind is different too.


What I have observed is that we all are different yet we are one in someway or the other!




How hard it is
to open the eyes
in the morning.

The sunbeam
crossing the window
and the little dust rolls
that flow with the light.

Ah, its tough
Yes, to drag myself from
the calmness of the bed,
One that knows and holds
all my deepest secrets, tears
and sobbing throughout the night.

Lying down
with one hand on the eyes
And reminded of the goals that compelled me to jump out the bed.

It’s important to push yourself in order to meet the goal which you have set in your life!




I know
It’s hard to stand firm,
It’s hard to be in the darkness,
It’s hard to let go off things;
I know…..

I know
You are trying it hard,
Even when you know the outcome.
You are holding onto it,
Hoping one day it will be yours.
I know…..

I know
you are now tired,
But still standing there and waiting;
Because in the midst of all the impossibilities
You see a hope of light shining out of darkness.
I know….




I kept on staring at the water waves
So lost, that I was drowning in my own worries,
But I stood still.
As the days passed by,
the sky turned from blue to yellow and then to black,
The waves approached towards me,
Touching my feet and then going back.
In the extreme silence they all whispered, “Come along with us.”

And I kept on wondering, if the waves can calm down itself where am I lost?
Perhaps the best wave of life is yet to come.


The Next


Life is an enthralling tale,

Shape it either fine or pale.

Roads are Narrow,

And the Decisions are Quick.

Take a stop and think,

Which move to take.

Mind is Imprisoned,

But let your conscience speak.

The world out there is mysterious,

Yes! we might not understand but this is it.

In a tangled web-life,

Where you can only assume;

What’s going to be next!

– Swati