There lies beauty within us the smile is one such that has the power to change anything,


Everyone has their own qualities that we might not find in others at the same time or in ourselves too.


They have the strength to get up and walk again in the same direction after a huge downfall without losing hope.


No matter how different we are but there is one thing that connects our souls and binds us beautifully which is called Love!


Different people are structured differently and so for that concern the heart and the mind is different too.


What I have observed is that we all are different yet we are one in someway or the other!





It keeps on spinning,

And starts from the time I wake up

till the time I close my eyes.

Words that surrounds me,

they go along with me where I go.


Like a floating chain,

it drapes around me neck and

then slowly down to my hands,

compelling my fingers to move them

until I write!






I love to watch the flares
settling down,
The walls gets illumined
through the window;
Sometimes disturbing while
Sometimes a pleasure.
I wait for the silent hour
of the night,
Because that’s the time
when the world sleeps
And my dreams arise!






Success never comes quickly,

It comes after a long

humiliation, pain, tears.

Is that the end?


Rising up and pushing yourself,

Hit your face with the downfalls and losing hope,

still not giving up on it.


Above all not becoming who you want to,

but what you are actually.

keep moving forward!








I know
It’s hard to stand firm,
It’s hard to be in the darkness,
It’s hard to let go off things;
I know…..

I know
You are trying it hard,
Even when you know the outcome.
You are holding onto it,
Hoping one day it will be yours.
I know…..

I know
you are now tired,
But still standing there and waiting;
Because in the midst of all the impossibilities
You see a hope of light shining out of darkness.
I know….



Because Eyes Speak

eyes speak

So much to see
So much to hide
the things which you
have now piled up.
Who is going to speak?
Is it you,
Or the one who is hiding inside you?

No matter how hard you try to
lock them all,
Your eyes are enough to unveil
what is going inside you!





I kept on staring at the water waves
So lost, that I was drowning in my own worries,
But I stood still.
As the days passed by,
the sky turned from blue to yellow and then to black,
The waves approached towards me,
Touching my feet and then going back.
In the extreme silence they all whispered, “Come along with us.”

And I kept on wondering, if the waves can calm down itself where am I lost?
Perhaps the best wave of life is yet to come.